Everyone has limits to their play. A massage or ‘taken’ encounter with me is meant to provide you with an opportunity to explore your receptivity to a wide range of touch. It’s more about you accepting the invitation to be a passenger in order to be taken for an exciting ride. Save yourself the time and frustration; kindly refrain from asking me for any of the following activities:

  • contact with or penetration of my genitals or asshole
  • oral services of any kind
  • kissing
  • any form of scat play
  • rimming
  • coming on any part of my body, except my hands,
  • golden showers
  • humiliation or degradation play
  • role play

If you are uncertain as to whether or not you can acquiesce to these limits, please be considerate and find someone else who can accommodate these desires.

I will never engage in any kind of play that is unsafe or non-consensual. I prefer to negotiate encounters before hand to make sure that my clients and I get exactly what we need out of the experience.

Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5′ 3
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Reddish Brownish Blonde
Ethnicity: White, Irish Canadian
Build: Lean, Athletic
Skin: Pale, smooth, soft and blemish free
Bust: 32
Bust quality: Firm, sufficient
Waist: 28/29


I am also a non-drug user (e.g., alcohol, pot, cigarettes etc).

Monday to Friday 10am – 9pm;
Saturday noon – 9pm; and
Sunday 2pm – 8pm.

I do have some flexibility around these times with enough notice.

Same day appointments are rare and I encourage you to allow for at least 24 hours prior to your booking.

I am also a non-drug user (e.g., alcohol, pot, cigarettes etc).

I see clients at two different locations, both of which are within a 10 minutes cab ride from Union Station. Both locations have public Green P parking very close by, as well as being accessible by TTC and a short walk.

I will do out calls to hotel located in the downtown business core only. I do not make trips to the airport or outside the city proper.

I am an equal opportunity provider; whether you identify as woman, man, trans, queer, bi, kinky, questioning, curious, exploring or experimenting, I invite you to get in touch with me.

In general , my ideal client is someone who is respectful, well-groomed, and responsive. I prefer to spend my time with those who are well-mannered, open to exploration, and take pride in being held accountable for their actions. I will not hesitate to send home those who are rude, obnoxious, or ignore my boundaries.

I place high value on expressed clarity around desire(s), responsiveness and ongoing communication.

During massage I allow myself to totally enjoy myself. It’s fun to tease and to see what happens when I tease. It feels great to feel you begin to open and relax even as arousal is on the rise. As you wake up in your body, you begin to offer me sensations that i can engage with. The more engaged I am, the more I can communicate my own presence, pleasure and excitement and seamlessly move back and forth between arousing touch and touch that is deep, nurturing and warm.

Touching the entirety of the body is a major source of enjoyment for me. I find it endlessly interesting and compelling. I can spend hours absorbed in it, leaving nothing untouched. I believe that really deep level of interest and enjoyment communicates directly to the client. The client knows that i am not being superficial or routine, that i am without an agenda or in a hurry to go somewhere else. I am just having a good time.

Remember, this massage is about providing you with an opportunity to completely focus on your own body, your own sensations, in the present moment, instead of someone else. It’s about accessing an altered state of consciousness and following wonder back to its source. My job is to help you along. That said, respectful, consentual surface touch is perfectly acceptable. However, I do not appreciate random hands trying to grab my tits or fingers trying to find their way into my cunt or asshole. In short, my genitals and ass crack are out of bounds.

Absolutely. I always love being the first. I do require that you give our session some thought before you write me to give me a sense of why you want to explore anal sensuality. Anal stimulation is a gradual process of exploration and it is important to have realistic expectations for yourself and your body, to be able to discern fantasy from reality. Be aware that your eyes might be bigger than your asshole, so to speak.

Sometimes it is simply the feeling of running my hand over an ass, feeling it pushing into my palm, stroking rounded cheeks. I very much like feeling someone else surrender to the sensations coursing through their body. I also have a lot of respect for people who are receptive to ass play. I have found it sad that many will avoid ass play because they think it is smelly, dirty, hurts, or is entirely un-feminine or un-masculine This concern obscures the possibility of finding out how exquisite and delicious non-penetrative and penetrative (ranging from a finger or a strap-on), receptive ass play can be. On the whole, I find it very exciting to introduce people to their ass, as well as bring more depth and breadth to their sense of pleasure. I also find that it is the willingness and curiosity of my clients to explore and the trust and responsibility invested in me in facilitating that exploration that I find sexy.

Yes, indeed.

Again, yes.