I've Never Met a Man Who
Didn't Secretly Want...
…...to impale himself on beauty.
To feel it slide between his glutes,
and momentarily come to rest there.
To thrust back and feel his asshole smoothly begin to open
for a long, slow…
To feel the heft of it deep in his gut,
fingers pressing into hips and ass,
running down his belly.
To feel my tits as I leaned over his back
while he…
To be relentlessly hammered ‘til he
tumbled into blindness
and then came
to find himself
finding it hot to
give it up
and be utterly taken.

There you were, minding your own business. And now, a rush of images floods your mind. You see yourself being that guy. Maybe you're naked on a bed, face in the pillows, ass in the air, hands spreading your cheeks apart. Maybe you are on your back, knees closer to your chest, with your eyes closed or looking me square in the eye. Perhaps you are straddling my cock and pressing on its smooth knob just enough to make your asshole begin to stretch.

There are so many things strap-on and anal eroticism can be about. It can be regarded as an expression of surrender and vulnerability; a form of ritual humility or chosen humiliation; feeling full or overwhelmed; feeling violated or taken; exploring the edge between want and fear at the same time; a playful exploration of a taboo thereby making anal eroticism a delicious turn-on; an emotional or spiritual calm; and a gateway to realization.

But maybe none of these reasons really matter to you. Especially, when all that you know right now is that you want it. Soft ride? Hard ride? Somewhere in between the two. The choice is yours.