Touch is Powerful...

Conscious touch even more so.

The realm of the body and its sensations are a constant curiosity of mine and I have spent years studying its finer working. As a sensual and erotic bodyworker, my aim is to make genuine, intimate connections with my clients, meeting needs that are just as much about body as they are about the mind and spirit.

This site is a chance for you to get to know a little bit more about my approach to sensual and erotic touch, as well as an invitation for you to consult me about how to translate your desire for sensuality into an embodied reality.

Welcome and enjoy,



There are many types of massage and bodywork practices. My own practice consists of a series of consciously delivered hands-on techniques inspired by Swedish massage, fascial release techniques, Sexological Bodywork and my own intuitive understandings of the body.


There you were, minding your own business. And now, a rush of images floods your mind. You see yourself being that guy. Maybe you're naked on a bed, face in the pillows, ass in the air, hands spreading your cheeks apart...